Rheomuco: the easiest solution to measure the viscoelastic properties of mucus

Rheomuco is a bench-top easy-to-use rheometer designed to analyse the viscoelastic properties of mucus from human, cell culture or animal.

Rheomuco is an easy-to-operate device that can be used at any stage of research, from the fundamental and development stages all the way up to the clinical validation of new molecules and drugs.

Rheomuco delivers a complete rheological analysis in less than 5 minutes. Using Rheomuco does not require a prerequisite knowledge of rheology. Rheomuco can be operated by nurses, laboratory technicians, researchers and doctors.

Rheomuco offers a « plug and play »setting. Its compact design allows you to set it up in your laboratory or in your clinic. Unlike other rheometers, Rheomuco works without any additional facility such as compressed air or water.

Rheomuco has a 3 step process:

Step 1: Collect mucus

Step2: Deposit the sample on the measurement geometry

Step 3: Start the analysis and get the viscoelastic properties of your sample

These viscoelastic properties offer an objective biophysical marker:

Linear region properties

Viscoelastic modulus G* : Stiffness of the mucus at rest, related to constituents concentration in mucus.

Damping factor tan(δ) : Ratio of viscous effects on elastic effects, related to molecular nature of the constituents in mucus.

Flow point properties

Critical strain γc : Stringiness, stretchability of the mucus before flow

Critical stress σc : Gel force, strength of the mucus before flow.

Mucus rheology and Rheomuco can be useful in all research and developpement domains:

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