Clinical monitoring of respiratory diseases

Rheomuco: Advancing to clinical care

Every hospitalisation is a burden for the patient, the clinician and the healthcare system. All respiratory chronic diseases are characterised by exacerbations episodes or flare-up of the symptoms leading to heavy medications or even hospitalisation. It is safe to say that pulmonary exacerbations have a clear impact on the quality of life of patients.

An increasing body of evidence shows strong correlation between rheological properties, inflammation, and bacterial infection.

Recent studies in CF showed that during an exacerbation episode, sputum presents higher viscoelastic properties than the baseline.

Rheomuco has been used in observational clinical studies

Rheomuco is currently undergoing a clinical trial to validate the medical benefits of mucus rheology as biophysical marker for monitoring COPD.

Viscoelastic properties can be used to assess the evolution of the disease. Mucus rheology can assist clinicians in their decision “when and how to treat patients?” preventing hospitalisations. It is a step toward personalised medicine.

Easy to use, Rheomuco can be integrated in hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices for a quick results readout in less than 5 min!

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