Cell-based mucus models

Epithelial cell culture

Cell culture is frequently used to overcome some limitations of in vivo or ex vivo experiments, such as reducing animal models, or low availability and high costs in human samples, several models have been proposed:

  • Human airway epithelial cells – nasal and bronchial
  • Intestinal epithelium cells
  • Human Cervical Epithelial Cells

Using Rheomuco, you can test now as low as 20µL of mucus from Air-Liquid Interface cell culture.


Mucus rheology for in vitro cell-based models

To some extent, these in-vitro models replicate both the biological structure and function of mucus in such manner that mucus rheology becomes a relevant biomarker and perspective asset.

  • Selecting a drug candidate or a new molecule
  • Benchmarking a drug candidate or a new molecule
  • Drug delivery research
  • Benchmarking drug delivery devices
  • Unveil the effect of biological interaction on mucus

Mucus research and translationnal and preclinical research applications

Want to test cell secreted mucus samples? You can now test low volume mucus samples!

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