What they are saying about Rheomuco

William Poncin

, Respiratory physiotherapist at cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc

Ensuring an optimal bronchial clearance is one of the essential roles of physiotherapy in respiratory diseases such as Cystic fibrosis. However, fulfilling this objective is not always easy, due to the unfavorable rheological properties of the sputum of CF patients. It is therefore of practical interest for the physiotherapist to understand sputum rheology and to characterize the impact of the diverse clearance techniques on the viscoelastic properties of sputum. This would help the physiotherapist to select the most appropriate technique or to refine a specific therapeutic method so as to optimize the bronchial clearance.  


Annie Viallat

, Researcher at Marseille Interdisciplinary center of nanoscience

The viscoelasticity of bronchial secretions is a relevant indicator that was not taken into account until now. Its acquisition in few minutes by Rheomuco should facilitate research and allow to know more about the different factors and the molecules influencing it.


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